International: Go4Venture Launched –

LONDON – A new spin on the intermediary between venture capital investor and entrepreneur seeking financing has been launched in the form of Go4Venture., which is expected to be up and running later this month, is a pan-European business-to-business exchange dedicated to matching technology entrepreneurs with financial backers business service providers.

Go4Venture is said to be the first online capital matching facility to be open equally to all professional investors – angel investors, venture capitalists, corporate venturers – and to offer a deal referral incentive system making it the first ever industry-wide clearing house for investment propositions.

Go4Venture is dedicated exclusively to the information technology industry – defined as the Internet, telecom, software, hardware and IT services. Aimed at introducing European businesses, particularly those needing early-stage funding between $250,000 and $5 million. Go4Venture’s services include an online capital matching facility for investors called Go4Investment, and Go4Capital for entrepreneurs.

Go4Venture was founded by Jean-Michel Deligny, the former head of technology investment banking at UBS Warburg, Jacques Putzeys, the former chief executive officer of Easdaq, and Belgian entrepreneur Kurt Gernaey.

Each business plan that is submitted to Go4Venture will be evaluated by a team of technology investment bankers before it is directed to potential interested investors. Go4Ventures will take its cut by earning co-investment rights alongside investors. One differentiating factor is the offer of a 10 percent profit share incentive scheme to businesses referring investment opportunities.