IPOs/recent issues: ASIACONTENT.COM –

Hong Kong

Went public 4/12/2000 at $14 apiece

Filing Range:5.8 mil. shares @ $14 to $16

Shares Outstanding:34.3 mil. shares

Underwriters:Goldman Sachs

Lehman Brothers/W.R. Hambrecht


(Data in $ millions)


12/98 12/99

Total Revenue $.22 $3.02

Net Loss -2.53 -13.15

The Company:

Asiacontent.com is a pan-Asian Internet company that provides a platform for premium branded media publishing, online advertising sales and e-commerce. The company partners with international media and Internet companies, including CNET, MTVBI (an affiliate of Viacom), E! Online, Doubleclick, NBC Internet and Sportsline.com. Through licensing and joint venture arrangements with its partners, the company develops, operates and maintains premium branded Web sites in multiple markets across Asia.


Estimated proceeds of $62.8 million will be used for general corporate purposes, as well as the expansion of operations in existing markets and the exapansion of operations into newer markets.

Venture Backers:

AsiaTech Ventures, GE Capital Equity Capital Group, Intel Pacific Inc., NBC Internet Inc., H&Q Asia Pacific Venture Management Pte. Ltd.

Board Members:

Clive Ng

Christopher Justice

Lim Joo Hong

Harjit Bhatia

Daniel Carroll

Chen Chi Kong

Elizabeth Hambrecht

Gregory Ricca

Pierre Suhandinata

James Yao