Lexington, MA

Went public 2/3/2000 at $14 apiece

Filing Range: 5 mil. shares @ $8 to $10

Shares Outstanding: 23.25 mil. shares

Underwriters: Robertson Stephens

Chase H&Q/Dain Rauscher Wessels


(Data except per-share in $ thousands)


12/98 12/99

Total Revenue $4,226 $8,595

Net Loss -6,759 -9,130

Net Loss Per Share -1.16 -1.39

The Company:

Centra Software Centra Software designs, develops and supports software and services that provide live business collaboration over the Internet. The company’s products provide Internet infrastructure for comprehensive live collaboration offering voice over the Internet, software application sharing, real-time data exchange and shared workspaces. Centra products and services can be deployed over intranets, extranets and remotely via the Internet. Central Software has three primary offerings: Centra 99, a software application that supports live business collaboration online; CentraNow, a Web collaboration service; and the Centra Business Collaboration Network, or Centra BCN, a network that enables content and service providers and users to conduct B2B interactions over the Web.


Central intends to pay $6.5 million to the holders of its Series A and Series B preferred stock. The remainder of the porceeds will be used for working capital and other general corporate purposes, including marketing and sales expenditures ($10 mil.), and other capital expenditures ($2 mil.).

Venture Backers:

Burr, Egan, Deleange & Co., North Bridge Venture Partners, Scripps Ventures LLC, The Goldman Sachs Group Inc., HarbourVest Partners LLC, Commonwealth Capital Ventures LP, Polaris Venture Partners

Board Members:

Richard D’Amore, North Bridge Venture Partners April 1995

Jonathan Flint, Polaris Venture Partners April 1995