Cupertino, CA

Went public 2/15/2000 at $18 apiece

Filing Range: 4.5 mil. shares @ $14 to $16

Shares Outstanding: 34.82 mil. shares

Underwriters: Robertson Stephens

Dain Rauscher Wessels/Thomas Weisel Partners


(Data except per-share in $ thousands)


12/98 12/99

Total Revenue $12,465 $17,588

Net Loss -17,440 -23,137

Net Loss Per Share -3.44 -4.34

The Company:

Chordiant provides e-business infrastructure software that enables companies to offer their customers personalized marketing, sales programs, e-business services and customer support across multiple communication channels. These channels include the internet, e-mail systems, automated telephony self-service systems, and customer service representatives in call centers and retail outlets. The company’s products are designed to allow its clients: develop a comprehensive single view of the customer; use automated, sophisticated decision making processes; offer their customers consistent experiences across multiple communications channels; and utilize standard and customizable business services. Chordiant’s software product, Customer Communications Solution, or CCS, is licensed to our customers as a complete e-business infrastructure system. CCS comes available with the following customer facing applications: a customer service representative application, a web communications interface application and an e-mail communications interface application. Regardless of the customer-facing application(s) chosen, CCS includes business management, operations management and customer case management capabilities. Choridant customers include Bank One International, Cable & Wireless Communications, Canadian Tire Acceptance Limited, Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. and Metropolitan Life.


Working capital and other general corporate purposes, including repayment of debt.

Venture Backers:

First Plaza Group Trust, Foundation Capital, T.Rowe Price Threshold Partnerships, Battery Ventures, Electronic Data Systems Corp., Norwest Venture Capital, Charter Ventures, Vertex Investment

Board Members:

Oliver Curme, Battery Ventures July 1996

Kathryn Gould, Foundation Capital July 1996