IPOs/Recent Issues – IPRINT.COM –

Redwood City, Calif.

Went public 3/8/2000 at $10 apiece

Filing Range:4.5 mil. shares @ $8 to $10

Shares Outstanding:28.91 mil. shares

Underwriters:Credit Suisse First Boston

Robertson Stephens/U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray/W.R. Hambrect


(Data in $ millions)


12/98 12/99

Total Revenue $.56 $3.26

Net Loss -2.27 -13.43

The Company:

iPrint.com is an online provider of print and private-labeled print services focused on the business market. Customers can design and order customized printed products, including business cards, office stationery, business checks and forms, logo coffee cups, promotional t-shirts and photo mouse pads. The company’s online design and ordering process replaces the manual steps and handwritten forms used by traditional print shops. According to CAP Ventures, United States printing industry sales totaled $292 billion in 1998, of which $58 billion was derived from commercial printing operations. Orders can be electronically routed to commercial print vendors with idle capacity, and the company also works with online organizations, large commercial printers and office supply chains to deliver printing services through co-label, private-label and affiliate relationships. The co-labeled printing business involves marketing arrangements that promote the iPrint.com brand and the co-labeled party’s brand. Private-labeled printing business also entails licensing their print shop technology to large commercial printers, office supply chains and others to provide their customers with online print services.


Expected to be $36.4 million. Approximately 60% will be used for sales and marketing expenses, About 20% for general and administrative expenses, and 15% for product development expenses. The remainder will be used for expansion and co-location of network operation center separate from corporate headquarters.

Venture Backers:

Information Technology Ventures, Canaan Equity, Softbank Technology Ventures

Board Members:

Royal Farros

Mark Dubovoy

Deepak Kamra

Guy Kawasaki

J.A. Heidi Roizen