IPOs/Recent Issues: NIKU –

Redwood City, CA

Went public 2/29/2000 at $24 apiece

Filing Range: 8 mil. shares @ $20 to $22

Shares Outstanding: 69.05 mil. shares

Underwriters: Goldman Sachs

Dain Rauscher Wessels/Thomas Weisel Partners/U.S.

Bancorp Piper Jaffray


(Data except per-share in $ thousands)


1/99 10/98 10/99

Total Revenue $10,933 $0 $12,332

Net Loss -23,340 -1,665 -32,373

Net Loss Per Share -1.48 -.35 -2.31

The Company:

Niku provides Internet software products and an online marketplace for the sourcing, management and delivery of professional services. Professional services include consulting, financial services, medicine, law, engineering, advertising and other industries in which knowledge and information are an important element of the services. The company’s Internet software products,eNiku, xNiku and iNiku, are designed to automate the core business processes of professional services organizations, professional services providers within enterprises, and small businesses and individual professionals. eNiku enables organizations to manage knowledge, human resources and projects, track time and expenses and analyze business performance via corporate intranets. xNiku enables organizations to extend the functions and features of private Internet-based networks reaching beyond the enterprise. iNiku allows users to gain access to relevant content and services operate their businesses over the Internet. As of Jan. 31, the company’s iNiku Web site had more than 21,000 registered users. Companies who have licensed Niku’s Internet software products include Adecco, Business Objects, Comdisco, Computer Assiates, EMC, Gateway, Neon, SalesLogix, Sybase, Tibco, Trilogy, USinternetworking and Xerox.


Estimated net proceeds of $80.8 million will be used for working capital purposes.

Venture Backers:

Florence, Venrock Associates, Vector Capital, J.H. Whitney & Co.

Board Members:

Michael Brooks, J.H. Whitney & Co. May 1999