San Jose, Calif.

Went public 4/7/2000 at $15 apiece

Filing Range:5.53 mil. shares @ $11 to $13

Shares Outstanding:29.08 mil. shares

Underwriters:Credit Suisse First Boston

Chase H&Q/SG Cowen


(Data in $ millions)


12/98 12/99

Total Revenue $.74 $5.49

Net Loss -6.55 -8.83

The Company:

Founded in October 1995, Numerical Technologies provides technology and products enabling the design and manufacture of faster, smaller and more power efficient semiconductor devices with subwavelength feature sizes of 0.18 micron and below. The company’s subwavelength solution has exceeded the predictions of industry roadmaps by producing semiconductors with feature sizes of 0.09 micron and below using existing semiconductor equipment. Advances in semiconductor design and manufacturing processes have driven reductions in feature sizes from 3.0 micron in 1980 to 0.18 micron in today’s advanced fabrication facilities. This progression has required large research and development investments in sophisticated semiconductor design tools, photomask manufacturing and semiconductor equipment. In addition, each incremental reduction in feature size has required significant capital expenditures. The purchase and installation of new equipment and the construction of new fabrication facilities can require billions of dollars. Numerical’s solution allows its customers to produce smaller, faster and more power efficient semiconductors with existing semiconductor equipment. The company licenses its proprietary technology and software products to semiconductor designers, design tool vendors, photomask manufacturers, semiconductor equipment manufacturers and foundries.


Net proceeds will be used to repay the balance and interest on notes issued in connection with acquisition of Transcription Enterprises, and for working capital.

Venture Backers:

Mohr, Davidow Ventures

Board Members:

William Davidow

Y.C. Pati

Yao-Ting Wang

Roger Sturgeon

Thomas Kailath

Narendra Gupta

Abbas El Gamal

Harvey Jones