IPOs/Recent Issues – RADVISION –

Tel Aviv, Israel

Went public 3/14/2000 at $20 apiece

Filing Range:3.8 mil. shares @ $18 to $20

Shares Outstanding:18.02 mil. shares

Underwriters:Lehman Brothers

Salomon Smith Barney/U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray/Fidelity Capital Markets


(Data except per-share in $ millions)


12/98 12/99

Total Revenue $8.89 $17.55

Net Loss -.83 -2.7

The Company:

RADVision designs, develops and supplies products and technology which enable real-time voice, video and data communications over packet networks, including the Internet and networks based on the Internet protocol. The company has over 250 customers, including Alcatel, Bosch, Cisco Systems, Madge Networks, Nippon Telegraph & Telephone, Nortel Networks, Phillips Electronics, Shanghai Bell, Siemens and 3Com. The company’s products are used by its customers to develop systems that enable enterprises and service providers to migrate their voice and video communications from traditional telephone networks to next generation packet networks.


RADVision plans to use the approximately $78.7 million in proceeds generated by this offering to finance the continued growth of its business by providing working capital for general corporate purposes, funding the possible acquisition of additional businesses, and technologies in public or private companies in related businesses, or the establishment of joint ventures that are complementary to its current or future business.

Venture Backers:

RAD Data Communications Ltd., Lomsha Ltd., Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, Clal Venture Capital Fund LP, Evergreen Group, Samsung Group

Board Members:

Yehuda Zisapel

Ami Amir

Zohar Zisapel

Adi Gan

Dan Goldstein

Hillel Milo

Efraim Wachtel

Andreas Mattes