Went public 3/17/2000 at $14 apiece

Filing Range:11 mil. shares @ $8 to $10

Shares Outstanding:85.81 mil. shares

Underwriters:Goldman Sachs

Chase H&Q/Robertson Stephens


(Data in $ millions)


12/98 12/99

Total Revenue $1.63 $14.26

Net Loss -2.02 -29.86

The Company:

Universal Access is a business-to-business intermediary that facilitates the provisioning, installation and servicing of dedicated communications circuits for service providers who buy network capacity and transport suppliers who sell network capacity. Provisioning is the process of supplying communications circuits to users. A transport supplier supplies communications network capacity over which information is transmitted. Universal Access aggregates network information, operates facilities where communications networks can be physically interconnected, provides ongoing dedicated circuit access and provides client support services. The company’s Universal Information Exchange, or UIX, consists of several proprietary, interconnected databases containing capacity, availability, physical location and pricing information from over 35 transport suppliers and more than 75,000 physical sites. Through UIX, Universal provides its clients with dedicated circuits that connect across the networks of multiple suppliers. In addition, the company operates network interconnection facilities called Universal Transport Exchanges, or UTXs, where various transport suppliers can connect to the networks of any other transport supplier in that facility. At the end of 1999, Universal provided services to over 100 clients, including AboveNet Communications (MFN), BCE Nexxia, Cable & Wireless, Teleglobe Communications and UUNET.


Net proceeds of approximately $141.7 million will be used for working capital and acquisitions.

Venture Backers:

Communications Ventures, Internet Capital Group Inc., Broadmark Investments LLC

Board Members:

Patrick Shutt

Robert Pommer

Paolo Guidi

Thomas Kapsalis

Robert Pollan

Joseph Schocken

John Slevin

Roland Van der Meer