IPOs/Recent Issues: VIA NET.WORKS –

Reston, VA

Went public 2/11/2000 at $21 apiece

Filing Range: 13.3 mil. shares @ $15 to $17

Shares Outstanding: 57.07 mil. shares

Underwriters: Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter/Salomon Smith Barney/DLJdirect


(Data except per-share in $ thousands)


12/97 12/98 9/98 9/99

Total Revenue $0 $47,261 $0 $48,745

Net Loss -321 -40,480 -2,352 -33,027

Net Loss Per Share -10.66 -24.29 -11.64 -20.17

The Company:

VIA NET.WORKS is an international provider of Internet access and services focused on small and mid-sized businesses in Europe and Latin America. Both of these regions have a relatively low number of total Internet users, and small and mid-sized businesses in each region have a relatively low number of Internet services available to them. Since being founded in late 1997, Via Net.Works has acquired or integrated 19 business, and, as of September 30, 1999, had 87,900 customers in Europe, of which 45.7% were businesses, and 25,500 customers in Latin America, of which 32.7% were businesses. To date, operations have been funded by investments of $181.0 million from current investors, including The Centennial Funds, Norwest Equity Capital, Telecom Partners II, HarbourVest International, Providence Equity Partners, Verio Inc. and Boston Millennia Partners. Strategy focuses on combining local focus and global capabilities to increase market share and revenue. Products and services include: dedicated high speed and dial-up Internet access; hosting customer web sites; co-location services; e-mail services; e-commerce solutions including secure electronic payment processing; electronic procurement and business portal design and hosting; and domain name registration of Internet addresses. From inception through September 30, 1999, losses have totaled approximately $21.6 million.


Net proceeds are expected to be approximately $206.8 million. Nearly $19 million will go to acquisition activities. The remainder will go to repaying promissory notes, and general corporate purposes, including funding operations, capital expenditures, network expansion.

Venture Backers:

Norwest Equity Capital LLC, Telecom Partners, The Centennial Fund, HarbourVest Partners LLC, Providence Equity Partners Inc., Verio Inc., Boston Millennia Partners, BCI Advisors Inc.

Board Members:

Stephen Eley, BCI Advisors Inc. April 1999

William Elsner, Telecom Partners September 1997

Adam Goldman, The Centennial Fund September 1999

William Johnston, HarbourVest Partners LLC May 1998

Mark Masiello, Providence Equity Partners Inc. September 1999

Erik Torgerson, Norwest Equity Partners May 1999