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JRI Ventures backs content site Mediander

Mediander has received an undisclosed investment from JRI Ventures. Mediander is a content site.


NEW YORK—July 24, 2014— (Mediander), an expansive content site featuring a first-of-its-kind knowledge engine that powers the discovery and exploration of millions of topics, today announced that it has secured an early-stage investment from JRI Ventures LLC by its managing member, John Ingram.

The investment will be used to fund research and development, as well as technical, marketing and other operating expenses. Until now, Mediander, which operates as a subsidiary of Fine Creative Media, Inc., has been solely funded by its founder and CEO, Michael Fine.

Since promoting the site at BookExpo America® (BEA) a few months ago, Mediander, one of the world’s largest content sites, has grown to attract more than a million active and engaged users monthly. Founded on the principle of connectivity, Mediander is a place to be entertained, to discover and to experience original content along with topic-specific, intelligent and curated aggregations of content that entice curiosity, enhance serendipity and empower learning. The site also has an e-commerce platform, containing more than a million and a half book titles available for sale, integrated directly into its content knowledge engine.

Mediander contains four uniquely integrated offerings: Mediander Connects™, which shows how any topic is related to scores of other topics that in turn can be explored individually; Mediander BookShop™, which offers an intuitive connection-driven way to discover, browse and buy books; Mediander CultureMap®, which showcases original content about cultural subjects in a unique interactive presentation of topics and the connections between them; and Mediander Blog™, which invites users into the Mediander universe with a mix of original content that links back to the rest of the site.

Mr. Fine is a lifelong entrepreneur with more than 40 years of experience launching and growing media companies. He has published more than 1,000 titles under the highly successful MJF Books and Barnes & Noble Classics imprints. Earlier in his career, Mr. Fine held a senior executive position at the Ingram Book Company and was the president of Ingram Ventures, where he spearheaded Ingram’s entry into the video distribution business (now Ingram Entertainment) and was instrumental in Ingram’s entry into the technology distribution business (now Ingram Micro).

John Ingram is presently chairman and chief executive officer of Ingram Content Group (ICG), the world’s largest distributor of physical and digital content. ICG comprises 10 companies that help published content in any format reach readers worldwide by offering global publisher services, global retailer services, global library services and global educator services. Since April 2008, Mr. Ingram has served as chairman of the Ingram Industries, Inc., board of directors, and he has been a member of the Ingram Micro, Inc., board of directors since 1996.

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