JumpCrew collects $3.3 mln seed

Nashville, Tennessee-based JumpCrew, a social media marketing company, has raised $3.3 million in seed funding. David Pachter led the round.


Nashville, TN – December 13, 2016 – JumpCrew, has secured $3.3 million in seed funding to make social marketing campaigns available, actionable and affordable to local marketers.

With this funding round, JumpCrew who initially penetrated the B2B market by delivering innovative lead gen and sales outsourcing solutions, unveils JumpSocial, a social marketing product for local businesses. The new product combines innovative technology and services to manage, expand, and enhance local businesses customer relationships on social media and cross-platform devices. The company’s technology is focused on the way customers discover, engage with, and talk about local businesses and gives local business the opportunity to leverage the same data-driven insights that are available to companies that run large marketing campaigns.

The company’s funding is led by David Pachter who assembled a prominent team of entrepreneur investors which includes Jim Caden, Bob Pasker, and David Steinhardt. This round will be used to advance and further JumpCrew’s technology platform and expand its operations and sales hubs in Nashville and New York. “Finding the right investors was extremely important” said David Pachter who has assumed the role of Executive Chairman. “Our partners have proven experience scaling great companies across a spectrum of technology and services”. We’re excited to work with them on delivering results for our clients and their customers.”

The JumpSocial mobile application enables business owners’ collaboration with content experts on social media messaging. “Social Marketing has become an integral part of the local business identity. It’s continually evolving and adapting, which means successfully connecting with customers online becomes more complex every day. JumpCrew’s technology and team, specifically JumpSocial, have streamlined this process and made it painless,” said Robert Henderson, CEO of JumpCrew. “We use data that suggests what content will create the deepest connections between your customers and your business. Our technology and service help guide local businesses through the entire marketing landscape and build lasting customer relationships.”
JumpSocial’s platform will include:

Creating and overseeing the social media presence of small-medium local businesses on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yelp, Google+.

Produce data-driven, targeted content that enhance the value of your services and increase profitability

Create customer profiles of the businesses most likely customers to advertise too

Plan and execute paid media campaign on a variety of social media channels

Generate monthly reports displaying the number of customer interactions and new customers gained.

Digital marketing channels have become increasingly important for businesses of all sizes in recent years. “JumpCrew has built a powerful and affordable social media marketing platform, with a strong value proposition for local businesses,” said entrepreneur and investor Jim Caden. “JumpCrew is thriving and will continue to, because they’re offering a unique and innovative approach. By combining software, data analysis, and most importantly, a knowledgeable team of people, they deliver solutions to marketing challenges and impressive ROI for customers.”

For more information, please visit www.jumpcrew.com

About JumpCrew
JumpCrew empowers companies to focus on product development and customer service by outsourcing their sales and marketing to a seasoned, US based team. Our client list ranges from recently funded startups to established brands looking to create a more deliberate path to revenue. Our crew is dedicated to driving change, being a part of progress, and helping companies adapt to a world filled with digital consumers and rapidly changing habits and technologies.