Kika Tech scores $30.6 mln in Series B funding

Kika Tech, a keyboard app, raised $30.6 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Honge Capital, Bole Zongheng, and Zhu Ye, a Chinese investor and chief executive officer of Zeus Interactive.


SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Kika Tech, the #1 downloaded Android Keyboard app in the Google Play Store, today announced the completion of a $30.6M round of Series B funding, that will allow the company to further solidify its market share across the globe. The Series B round was led by Honge Capital, Bole Zongheng, and Zhu Ye, the well-known Chinese investor and CEO of Zeus Interactive.

With the latest round of investment, Kika Tech will consolidate its current market share in the United States,Europe, Brazil, and Mexico while also supporting a strategic plan to introduce the product to a wider overseas audience.

Currently the Kika Keyboard App, available in the Google Play Store, has over 130M downloads and an average of 20M active users daily. There are clear opportunities for more user growth in established and emerging markets.

“Kika has always been about helping people communicate their ideas and feelings in a way that best represents them,” said Kika CEO, Bill Hu. “We are in the era of mobile Internet, and smart devices have become the platforms of modern day communication. The keyboard is the natural entrance into those platforms.”

“The most impressive thing about Kika is the detail and passion the engineers and the entire Kika team have for users and making the perfect experience for users. I have invested in a number of Chinese companies, but rarely do you find a group of talented Chinese entrepreneurs with the skillset, success, and focus on growing a business in the Americas,” said Zhu Ye, a B-round investor.

Key Timeline of Events

  • 2014 Kika Keyboard launched in Google Play Store
  • Feb 2016 Reached 130M downloads
  • End of 2015 20M daily users
  • 2016 Series B Round raises $30.6M


About Kika
With a mission to foster creative interaction universally, Kika works on innovative technologies to support human expression powered by machine learning through next-generation keyboard applications. More than just emoji and GIF sharing app, Kika’s keyboard apps provides users with super-fast typing & swiping, natural language prediction, theme & layout customization, and an open plugin platform capable of making any task more convenient. The founding of Kika Tech is the story of a team of engineers, who are all passionate about making human communication in the World today and in the future easier, friendlier, and more personal across ANY and ALL operating systems, social platforms and devices.