Kinetyx closes $3.1m seed financing led by Next Ventures

Calgary-based Kinetyx, a developer of in-shoe, sensor-based solutions for sports and performance applications, has raised $3.1 million in a seed-stage financing.

Calgary-based Kinetyx Sciences, a developer of in-shoe, sensor-based solutions for a range of sports and performance applications, has raised $3.1 million in a seed-stage financing. The round was led by Next Ventures, with participation from Paddock Capital, Thuja Ventures and other investors.


Kinetyx Sciences Inc. secures US$3.1M in Series Seed

Calgary, AB, April 28, 2021—Kinetyx is an emerging technology company that is upgrading human movement through the development of kinesomic sensors. The company has closed a US$3.1M Series Seed investment round led by NEXT VENTŪRES with participation from Paddock Capital, Thuja Ventures, and other investors.

This round of funding propels the continued research and development of the company’s kinesomic sensory insole and supporting software as they move closer to full scale commercialization. Kinetyx has a variety of offerings that will enter the market this year, headlined by Kinetyx Lab and Kinetyx Pro.

Imagine a world in twenty years when every shoe is not sensorized. That world does not exist. Robin Thurston, Director.

It’s been just over a year since Kinetyx spun out from parent company Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc. Charged with the commercialization of Orpyx intellectual property in non-medical applications, Kinetyx has maintained the culture of scientific and engineering excellence, while quickly building its own identity, adopting new processes, and rapidly iterating new versions of the kinesomic sensor system.

A true descriptive measure of a person requires an ability to measure their physical status, including knowledge of all movement and activity, with precision. We refer to the constellation of data assembled to paint an accurate picture of how a person moves as the kinesome. We believe this will become the most valuable dimension of real-world body-based measurement and insight generation. Breanne Everett, Founder and CEO

The leadership team at Kinetyx shares a love of movement and true to the values they’ve established at the company, are performance obsessed. Kinetyx President, Cory Paddock said, “There is a chasm between the information we need to improve human movement and the data we actually have. Kinetyx is going to close this movement intelligence gap.” High-fidelity imperceptible kinesomic sensors that measure force through pressure sensors will allow Kinetyx to offer actionable insights that will change the way people understand movement.

About Kinetyx

Kinetyx is building the world’s first imperceptible kinesomic sensor. Previous athletic performance technologies have measured what happened. By measuring the forces acting on and created by human movement, we can finally understand how they happened. Dynamic and unique to each individual, the kinesome describes not only the quantity, but also the quality of how a person moves. By mapping and sequencing the human kinesome, Kinetyx is empowering humans of all ages and abilities to upgrade their movement.


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