Kwiry Bids Adieu to Users; Sadly, No One Notices

Another young startup is throwing in the towel. Kwiry, a San Francisco-based company that transformed text messages into email reminders, has sent its users notice that “with heavy hearts,” due to “economic realities,” it’s shutting down on April 23, and that “as of today,” the service is no longer accepting new sign-ins.”

Kwiry, backed with $1 million from Hummer Winblad, had let users SMS reminders to themselves – or, more literally, to K-W-I-R-Y (59479) — after which the service would email them research results related to the message.

Not a great idea around which to form a meaningful business. Then again, its founders and its investors knew not to throw a lot of money at it, either.

Goodbye, kwiry. We hardly knew ye.