Last Week: VC Fundraising Up — This Week: VC Fundraising Down

Last week I gave three reasons to downplay a Dow Jones report about how VC fundraising was on the upswing. One of them was that a similar report was coming from the NVCA and Thomson Reuters, which would tell a much different story.

Indeed, the NVCA/TR data is out, and it says that just 38 U.S.-based VC funds raised $1.9 billion in Q2 2010. That’s a 49% decrease from Q1 totals, and the first half of 2010 is off nearly 19% from the first half of 2009.

As I originally wrote, I’m not saying one set of data is better than the other (even though I get paid by Thomson Reuters). Instead, my best advice is to view the combined reports as inconclusive…

You can download the NVCA/TR report here, or view it below:

Q2 10 VC Fundraising Release FINAL