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Legaltech startup Lawbrokr nabs C$785k in pre-seed funding

Toronto-based legal technology startup Lawbrokr has collected C$785,000 in pre-seed financing.

Toronto-based legal technology startup Lawbrokr has collected C$785,000 in pre-seed financing. The investors were not disclosed, however, BetaKit reported that Canadian venture capital firm Bryker Capital was the round’s leader. Lawbrokr provides a matching platform that helps users access professional legal services.


TORONTO, Jan. 24, 2022 /CNW/ – Today, Lawbrokr launches legal’s first customer experience platform powered by lawyers. Having successfully raised $785,000 in pre-seed funding, Lawbrokr will focus on enhancing its core product (Lawbrokr Connect), and scale into other major markets, outside of the Greater Toronto Area. With the belief that accessing legal services should be simple and straightforward, Lawbrokr’s platform mimics applications and other services that people regularly utilize, bringing familiarity and convenience to an area that was lacking in both. The vast majority of industries provide customers with the tools to interact quickly and easily with the business—it’s about time the legal industry had something similar.

Through the Lawbrokr platform, lawyers can create a profile and be matched to cases that suit their area of expertise. They can review all pertinent case information prior to accepting, as well as chat directly with the client—whenever and wherever they want.
For clients, Lawbrokr functions much like the lawyer-facing side. Prospective clients can quickly and easily search for lawyers that suit their particular needs, eliminating the complexities of finding a lawyer that is right for them.

Lawbrokr was started by Daniel Steinberg (Co-Founder, CEO), and James Ziavras (Co-Founder, CTO) in Toronto, Ontario. When asked about the inspiration behind Lawbrokr, Daniel said, “We created Lawbrokr to help modernize the legal industry. The law is what governs our society, and with 77% of legal problems unmet, the Lawbrokr team set out to re-shape the way consumers interact with lawyers, starting with the most integral part of the legal journey—finding legal representation.”

Daniel continued, “I’m excited to build a consumer-facing brand that people can trust and align with. Lawbrokr wants to humanize the legal experience, and have fun along the way, something that has yet to be a focus within the legal sector.”

Lawbrokr launched on January 24, 2022. Visit for more information.

About Lawbrokr
Founded in 2021, Lawbrokr was started by Daniel Steinberg and James Ziavras. The goal is to make accessibility to legal services simple. The two have built a matching platform that puts lawyers in control, by connecting recommended lawyers to consumers through an algorithm that provides lawyers with the opportunity to make the first move. Inspired by popular communication apps, Daniel conceptualized the idea of marrying the simplicity and ease of use of popular platforms with the legal industry, reducing complexity and making the lives of both lawyers and consumers easier.