Return to search raises $500k seed round, unveils AI scheduling platform, a Toronto-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology startup founded this year, has raised $500,000 in a seed-stage financing.

The round’s investors were not disclosed. also announced the launch of its AI dispatch and scheduling-as-a-service platform, LuciX, which helps businesses make deliveries and manage appointments.

The technology is targeted to food delivery, groceries and retail, parcel and courier, retail and delivery, third-party logistics, home services, field service, warehouse management and other sectors.’s founding team includes scientists, engineers and industry experts from Amazon, Alibaba, DHL and Canadian Tire.


Toronto-based Restructures the World in Motion

TORONTO, July 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ –, a Toronto-based start-up, is integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve the upmost autonomous dispatch and scheduling performance for the world in motion. Its AI and optimization technologies empower large and small businesses whose employees are on the go and who envy for market expansion and revenue growth.

Organizing a set of drivers in a fleet to commute between multiple destinations is a headache for many businesses. Many of their customers are waiting over an hour to receive food order delivery from restaurant to the door, or half a day for a technician coming in a home service appointment. This is classified as a classic NP-Hard challenge of dispatching and scheduling, which restrains multiple business services from rapid development and progress.

To address the above challenge, excessive computing power and efficient state-of-the-art AI and optimization algorithms are required. More specifically, businesses in the field all expect for a robust and scalable solution that reduces delivery time, saves operating cost, enhanced efficiency and increases their clients’ demands. Moreover, they also call for predictive planning and stochastic decision supportive to their emergent requests and dynamic demands. responded to the industry needs by building up a Dispatch and Scheduling as a Service (DSaaS) Platform with the most advanced data- and algorithm-driven AI technology. It adopts premier machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, optimization, and data science and premier computation technologies to support autonomous dispatch, predictive planning and optimized routing. The platform is projected to be applied in various industry dispatch and scheduling scenarios, which include food delivery, groceries and retail, parcel and courier, retail and delivery, third party logistics, home services, field service, warehouse management, etc. Clients will be able to manage dispatches and scheduling based on their dynamic demand.

Founded in 2019, has secured half a million CAD in seed round financing. Founding team members include leading scientists, engineers, and industry and business experts from Amazon, Alibaba Group, DHL, and Canadian Tire. They inject their profound experience and enthusiasm into the new team. Although new to the market, the company is already well-recognized by multiple industry clients, world-leading incubators, industry opinion leaders, as well as universities and research institutes. revolves around its core vision and values as it grows. The team believes that things and people are connected to be scheduled, thus igniting unlimited possibilities and dreams in the coming AI era. They are passionate about this vision by bringing forward lean and efficient AI solutions to that end. is born with an open, inclusive and diverse internal spirit. The team is now rapidly expanding. It welcomes the best and most dedicated professionals from various backgrounds who share the same passion and common goal.