Madrona Venture Group Adds Twitter Expert

Seattle-based Madrona Venture Group has just brought in 28-year-old developer Damon Cortesi as an entrepreneur-in-residence.

Cortesi is a  risk-management expert and, more recently, a Twitter junkie who has produced a number of Twitter-based applications. These include TweetStats, which allows users to track the rates of their monthly, daily and even hourly “tweets,” and TweepSearch, a service that helps Twitterers find specific friends.

TechFlash, which reported the news this morning, suggests Cortesi’s invitation into Madrona signals that the venture firm is getting serious about Twitter and business models that can take advantage of its fast growing platform.

It’s a suggestion that Madrona’s Paul Goodrich doesn’t dismiss. “We’ve kicked around a lot of ideas and we are trying to get up the learning curve as quickly as we can,” he says.

More detail here at TechFlash.