MaestroQA picks up $25m Series A

MaestroQA,, a quality assurance platform, has secured $25 million in Series A funding.

MaestroQA, a quality assurance platform, has secured $25 million in Series A funding. Base10 Partners led the round.


NEW YORK CITY, NY — September 29, 2021 — MaestroQA announces today that it has raised $25M in Series A funding for its omnichannel quality assurance software for modern support teams. Base10 Partners led the Series A with participation from existing investor SaaStr, as well as a suite of new strategic investors including Talkdesk Ventures, Itai Tsiddon (lead investor at and Forter), and Tokyo Black—Looker co-founders Ben Porterfield and Keenan Rice’s fund.

MaestroQA was founded by Vasu Parthipati and Harrison Hunter who saw an opportunity in a fundamental shift happening in the customer support industry. While the rest of the industry was increasingly headed towards self-serve customer service and interaction automation, MaestroQA began with the belief that humans are more important to customer experience interactions than ever before, customer support representatives are a necessary asset for building unique relationships, and the customer support team has the best pulse on the customer experience in the entire company.

“20 or 30 years ago, businesses viewed customer service as a necessary cost of doing business, and the focus was to minimize this cost center, not to create an experience that customers actually liked,” explained Vasu Parthipati, co-founder and CEO of MaestroQA. “Brands of today are far more customer-centric, realizing that a customer support touchpoint can be one of the most memorable parts of the overall customer experience and a window into a brand’s overall customer experience”

MaestroQA’s omnichannel quality assurance software is helping customer service teams analyze customer service conversations to identify insights on how to improve the overall customer experience and take actions like coaching reps.

“Companies used to have one customer touchpoint—phones—which made managing support interactions straightforward. As brands have evolved to communicate with customers across a variety of channels, many customer experience leaders have lost visibility into these interactions and struggle to identify opportunities to improve,” noted TJ Nahigian, Managing Partner at Base10 Partners. “MaestroQA is architectured to fit in this increasingly omnichannel CX world that many enterprises operate in today.”

Classpass,, and hundreds of support teams rely on MaestroQA to improve agent performance, optimize CX processes, and unlock business-level insights to deliver world class customer experiences.

“DraftKings puts the customer at the center of everything we do and our dedicated team of customer experience associates is a huge representation of our brand. Through the robust features and integration capabilities of the MaestroQA platform, we are able to scale our quality program as our business rapidly grows and leverage actionable data for delivering a world class experience. MaestroQA is synonymous with service excellence,” said Colleen Bolton, Sr. Manager of CX at DraftKings.

About MaestroQA
MaestroQA is an omni-channel quality assurance platform that helps customer service teams analyze customer conversations, identify insights on customer experience gaps, and take actions like coaching agents. Over 250 customers around the world, including, DraftKings, and more, rely on MaestroQA to make customer experience their competitive advantage. Learn more and request a demo at