Mama Earth Organics secures funding, merges with Farms & Forks

Mama Earth Organics, a direct-to-home organic food delivery company in the Greater Toronto Area, has secured undisclosed funding from Canadian investors InvestEco Capital and Renewal Funds. As part of the deal, Mama Earth will be combined with Farms & Forks, a direct-to-home organic food retailer that also serves the Toronto region. As of June, Farms & Forks CEO Michael Bernstein will lead the combined business, which will operate under the Mama Earth banner. InvestEco, a Toronto-based investor in the sustainable food and agriculture sectors, will name a director to the new company’s board, as will Renewal Funds, a Vancouver-based mission venture capital firm.


InvestEco Capital and Renewal Announce Investment in Mama Earth Organics

Monday, February 22, 2016.

InvestEco Capital and Renewal Funds are pleased to announce an investment in Mama Earth Organics. Mama Earth is the leading direct-to-home organic food delivery company in the Greater Toronto Area. As part of this transaction, Mama Earth will also be merged with Farms & Forks to create an even stronger presence in the Toronto area.

Mama Earth Organics was started by Alex and Heather Billingsley in 2007. Known for product quality and customer service that is second to none, Mama Earth has flourished and grown into the largest operation of its kind in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Farms & Forks team will be joining Mama Earth to form an integrated offering under the Mama Earth name. A number of Farms & Forks employees will play key roles in the integrated business, with Farms & Forks CEO Michael Bernstein taking over the CEO role of the combined business as of June 2016.

Mama Earth CEO Alex Billingsley will stay active in the business, and will take a board seat in the combined business. InvestEco and Renewal Funds will each appoint a director.

“We are excited about the opportunities to build on the excellent foundation that Alex and Heather have built,” said Andrew Heintzman, InvestEco CEO. “In addition, we think that Farms & Forks fits very nicely with Mama Earth, and that together they will be able to provide an even better service offering to Torontonians looking for the very best organic food.”

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