Me.dium Gets Closer to Launch

When I was out in Colorado earlier this year for VC in the Rockies, I discussed a presentation by Me.dium, which has developed an Internet browser add-on that “reveals the hidden world of people and activity behind your browser.” The company today announced that it has raised $15 million in Series B funding, so let’s briefly revisit my original piece.

My concerns with Me.dium – albeit still in beta — were threefold. First, it had been initially developed in FireFox, and adapting it for IE was apparently proving quite challenging. Me.dium CEO Kimbal Musk told me on Friday that the beta will expand an IE version within the next week or two (i.e., problem solved).

Next up was the issue of anonymity – the current environment that web browsers are accustomed to (save for those who obsess over cookies, etc.). Me.dium can allow other users to watch you/follow you around the web. Musk said that privacy was one of his biggest concerns in launching Me.dium, but says he’s been “blown away” by how little the issue seems to bother users. For example, he says that one common response is that a large percentage of female beta testers (via BzzAgent) enjoyed going “shopping” together.

Finally, my last concern was that Me.dium could represent the point at which the browser gets too cluttered. Me.dium investors tell me not to worry, because Me.dium will be considered so valuable that users will simply drop other applications if they feel the need. And they may well be right. So let’s just call this issue outstanding, at least until formal launch later this summer.

Commonwealth Capital Partners led the Series B round, which return backers including Appian Ventures, Spark Capital and Brad Feld.