MindLytiX picks up funding from Iris Capital

Paris-based MindLytiX, a provider of data for marketing and advertising, has secured 1.25 million euros in funding. The backer is Iris Capital.


MindLytiX, a new-generation technology for real-time consumer knowledge and targeting, has raised €1.25 million to step up its development. The platform analyzes on the fly billions of daily digital touchpoints to instantly determine the current mindset of each consumer. Consequently, brands can select and target the most relevant “life moments” of all individuals. Firmly anchored in the marketing and programmatic worlds, this solution is delivered across the entire media eco-system: brands, agencies, trading desks, data providers and publishers.

Luc Tran-Thang and Eric Janvier, two recognized experts in the media, digital and marketing industry, have developed a media approach based on real time understanding of the mindset of each consumer.

By combining the state of the art in artificial intelligence, real-time data flow analysis, and natural language, MindLytiX processes multiple digital touch-points of connected consumers’ (media, programmatics, CRM, Internet, mobile, etc.).

The solution extracts, in just a few milliseconds, the mindset of each consumer and triggers the activation of brands’ marketing segments on the right moment of life. A “moment of life” is a 5-10 minute period during which an individual’s mindset, i.e. his or her functional and emotional priorities, remain unchanged.
MindLytiX can thus activate relevant influential moments in real time for each individual.

In the words of Luc Tran-Thang, CEO of MindLytiX: “Detecting in real time the actual mindset of millions of consumers and leveraging these insights to instantly display individually targeted messages represents a revolution for brands. At last, the MindLytiX technology brings to reality the promise that digital has teased us with: reaching the right individual, at the right time, whatever the advertiser’s need. It is the emergence of “moment planning” that will finally reconcile marketing segment diversity with media activation.”

MindLytiX brings to market a solution that demolishes a great many preconceived ideas known to media strategists and marketing experts.

In fact, it generates data that:
· Is relevant: the levers for activating MindLytiX make it possible to reach individuals whose “moments of life”match up with brand marketing segments.
· Is fresh: based on artificial intelligence, data science and an advanced streaming technology, the programmatic platform transforms huge volumes of data into consumer profiles that are always up to date, and immediately delivers real-time targeting.
· Respects the consumer’s privacy: 10 minutes: this is the maximum lifetime of all information on the MindLytiX platform, effectively guaranteeing individuals’ privacy and their “right to be forgotten”.
· Is multi-device: MindLytiX covers all touchpoints, whether they originate from the physical world (loyalty cards, beacons, etc.) or the digital world (Web, mobile devices, TV, connected objects, etc.).
· Combines precision and mass media: MindLytiX can target dozens of facets in each individual for the entire connected population.

Gil Doukhan, Investment Manager at Iris Capital: “MindLytix combines two of the marketing world’s underlying trends: better understanding the consumer as an individual, and better, more relevant, use of programmatic technology thanks to next generation artificial intelligence. Thus the company allows brands’ communication to be perceived positively since messages are addressed at the right moment.”

The MindLytiX solution can potentially benefit all businesses involved in the digital advertising value:
– Advertisers benefit from insights on their targets, an enhancement of their proprietary data, and efficient metrics on campaigns to improve potential for growth of market share. MindLytiX also delivers management tools such as dashboards and data visualizations.
– Media agencies and trading desks gain access to suitable marketing tools and optimized data usage to enhance their media buying.
– Publishers benefit from additional value for their inventories and better qualify their audience.
– Third party data suppliers gain access to new tools to render their partners’ data more diverse and more powerful.

Highly flexible, the tool hooks up to all the market’s inventory sources (e.g. ad exchanges) on the one hand, and to the DMPs associated with the various types of customers concerned, regardless of the technology, on the other.

About MindLytiX
Founded in March 2015, MindLytiX has developed a platform intended for brands and for the entire media ecosystem, representing the latest generation of consumer knowledge and targeting. With its proprietary programmatics platform, MindLytiX processes – in real time – the billions of touchpoints activated every day and transforms them into “life moments”, i.e. a new targeting criterion that will revolutionize the way brands communicate. This French start-up is overseen by its founders Luc Tran-Thang and Eric Janvier, two recognized experts in the media, digital and marketing industry.

About Iris Capital
Iris Capital is a European venture capital fund specializing in the digital economy. It supports businesses at various stage of maturity, from start-up to capital development. Since its inception in 1986, the Iris Capital team has invested more than €1 billion in more than 250 companies. With its strong sector specialization and extensive experience acquired over almost 30 years, Iris Capital provides active support to its portfolio of companies, and has offices in Paris, Cologne, Berlin, San Francisco, Montreal, Riyadh, Dubai, Beijing and Tokyo. In 2012, Iris Capital entered into a strategic partnership with Orange and Publicis to manage their joint venture capital initiative. For more information on the Iris Capital portfolio, visit www.iriscapital.com