Nanom rakes in more than $3m seed

Icelandic nanotechnology company Nanom has secured more than $3 million in seed funding.

Icelandic nanotechnology company Nanom has secured more than $3 million in seed funding. The investors include Iceland Venture Studio and Village Global.


2 April, 2021 – Reykjavik, Iceland and Palo Alto, CA – Nanom™, a pioneering nanotechnology company focused on applying nanoparticle technology to existing ubiquitous Lithium-Ion batteries (as well as any other type of battery chemistry), today announced it has received more than $3M in seed funding.

The minimum tested improvement for battery lifespan, energy density and recharge rate was 9X for the Nickel-Iron batteries used in large-scale energy storage devices. The potential parameter increase for Lithium-Ion batteries is even higher and Nanom is talking to a wide range of transportation, stationary storage and battery companies about immediately adopting the company’s nanoparticles into their own proprietary designs.

Nanom raised its seed money from an A-list of investors in Silicon Valley as well as the Nordics and the European Union. The EU Green Deal is a very ambitious action plan with the target of making Europe carbon-neutral by 2050. The Nanom Greenvolt project was selected as an EU Green Deal technology, which came with Green Deal funding and a technology seal of excellence. The company is further funded by Iceland Venture Studio (Reykjavik) as well as Village Global (San Francisco), whose network of backers include Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Reid Hoffman.

Nanom’s nanoparticle technology enables any battery formulation to be fundamentally altered for the better by dramatically increasing every aspect of their performance. As these particles are many orders-of-magnitude more effective in increasing energy surface area than the current solutions, this makes them ideal for the current-generation of battery energy storage, and the energy density of any battery is immediately enhanced by Nanom.
Nanom has the ability to convert existing battery materials into nanoparticle-size, enabling the same benefits for any battery process without needing to retool – the nanoparticles are simply mixed into the slurry that is a standard part of all battery manufacturing lines. Nanom has achieved massive scale in its manufacturing process and can already satisfy the requirements of key battery markets.

In addition to standard batteries, Nanom innovations further enables ANY structure or surface to become a battery storage device. For example, the company has already created a pilot project where an electric boat was constructed where the actual hull of the boat became the battery (15 meters of that type of hull has the energy storage capacity of 5 Tesla® vehicles). Any material or structure turned into a battery by Nanom is completely solid, uses no harmful chemicals, is green for the planet and does not explode upon impact (as Lithium-Ion batteries have a distressing tendency to do).

“We are beyond excited to announce Nanom as a company and to emerge from stealth with such exceptional investors who have seen the unmatched potential of our technology to transform the world in such a profound way,” said Armann Kojic, CEO of Nanom. “Imagine that the devices in your life had a 9X longer battery life, and better recharge speeds – all while being totally green for the environment. Now imagine your car’s EV battery the same way – that you can drive it on a single charge across the entire United States. Even a wall in your house becoming a giant, safe battery that takes you off the grid. We can enable all of that today and in a way that is green for the planet and better than the current-generation of batteries on the market. We will have more to say in a few months when we officially announce our partners.”

Nanom is a new startup that is focused on improving battery and energy storage devices with massively-improved performance while also enabling any surface or object to become a safe, solid-state battery. Learn more at