New List Gives Outsiders Another Reason to Envy Facebook Employees

Glassdoor, a three-year-old, venture-backed employment site that’s driven by anonymous user submissions, has just released a study of the top 25 companies to join if strong work-life balance is a priority.

Given the round-the-clock work ethos of many tech companies, it comes as little surprise that tech is barely represented on the list, which is topped by Nestlé Purina and the Mitre Corp., a not-for-profit organization that manages Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs).

Glassdoor’s users recommended mostly older, more established outfits whose employees are likely to have families and hard stops, too.

One notable exception is Facebook, which ranks number 7 on the list. Indeed, one of the 73 Facebook employees who have ranked the company on Glassdoor calls it a “sweet place to work.” Among the pros this person lists: “Never go hungry, always have clean clothes, manager listens to issues and aids in solution/resolution, management focused on employee satisfaction, coworkers wickedly intelligent, flexibility in work hours, autonomy, move fast, be bold, ability to be innovative.”

Just in case the chance to become richer than Croesus isn’t quite compelling enough.

Other tech companies included in Glassdoor’s “top 25” are Mentor Graphics, Autodesk, Agilent Technologies, and Intuit.

For the full list, click here.

Glassdoor itself is a three-year-old company that has raised $22 million, including from Benchmark Capital, Battery Ventures, and Sutter Hill Ventures. For more on the company, you can check out our most recent interview with its CEO, Robert Hohman, here.