New Relic buys VC-backed Opsmatic

New Relic announced it has acquired San Francisco-based Opsmatic, which provides a DevOps monitoring tool. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Opsmatic has raised more than $3.25 million in seed-stage funding, according to data from
Thomson Reuters. Investors include Detroit Venture Partners, Freestyle Capital, General Catalyst Partners, Illuminate Ventures, Index Ventures, Slow Ventures and others, according to CrunchBase.

New Relic Acquires Real-time Infrastructure Monitoring Company Opsmatic

Opsmatic Provides DevOps Teams with Real-time Visibility into Configuration Changes Across Dynamic Cloud Infrastructure

SAN FRANCISCO–Software analytics company
New Relic, Inc. (NYSE: NEWR) announced that it has acquired Opsmatic, a San Francisco-based startup focused on live-state infrastructure monitoring for modern DevOps teams. Delivered as a cloud-based service, Opsmatic’s software has been designed to provide real-time visibility into critical configuration changes that affect a company’s dynamic cloud infrastructure, and intelligently alert users so they can troubleshoot problems and reduce downtime.

“With this acquisition, New Relic gains Opsmatic’s powerful technology that monitors configuration changes at the infrastructure level,” said Lew Cirne, CEO and founder, New Relic. “This is important, because we believe today’s successful software teams need real-time visibility into every component of their apps — from the infrastructure all the way up to the user experience.”

“We started Opsmatic to deliver deep infrastructure transparency so that innovative software teams could move faster, make changes with greater confidence and resolve issues in seconds,” said Jim Stoneham, CEO and founder, Opsmatic. “The team at New Relic shares our vision and we couldn’t be more excited to continue our journey as part of New Relic.”

Opsmatic’s cloud-based service has been designed to provide modern IT Ops teams with a precise, real-time picture of the detailed configuration of an enterprise’s computing infrastructure, and an instantaneous feed of any changes being made. Any variation, or “drift,” in configuration across host groups would also be immediately visible to enable teams to fix issues before they cause trouble, often saving hours of detective work and remediation.

Founded in 2013, the Opsmatic team comprises experienced development and operations professionals who were involved at the beginning of the DevOps movement at major web-scale companies. After bringing those practices to other teams, but frustrated by the overall lack of available tooling, they founded Opsmatic in early 2013 with the goal of radically improving the efficiency and speed of DevOps teams. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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