The concept of mental health is still somewhat taboo, especially in the workplace. But in the digital age, workplace stress and burnout are increasingly real problems, especially as workers are now expected to be connected to the office at all hours. Simply put, office workers today are under a lot more pressure than just a […]
The following story is part of a cover package VCJ published in its June issue about how the latest developments in gene editing and gene therapy are triggering new wave of investments. Read the main story here: Gene editing rides new investment wave. Read here about the moral implications to consider: Ethical concerns dog gene editing. […]
The following story is part of a cover package VCJ published in its June issue about a new wave of investments related to gene editing and the moral implications investors must consider. Read the main story here: Gene editing rides new investment wave. —Ed. In late April, GV Venture Partner Anthony Philippakis joined more than 60 academics and […]
In his 2019 Canadian venture and startup predictions, OMERS Ventures Managing Partner Jim Orlando laments the lack of big exits of VC-backed tech companies in 2018. Orlando argues the market should be generating more “top 10-in-10” exits — liquidity events large enough to be counted among the top 10 during the past 10 years. To qualify, […]
Ray Lane, founder of GreatPoint Ventures and partner emeritus at Kleiner Perkins, does not believe in venture investment at scale. He aims to work as closely as possible with the founders of his portfolio companies, offering strategic and operational help along the way, Lane told VCJ. “All my CEOs would say, ‘of all my board members, […]
Clinical approvals are lifting confidence in gene editing and gene therapy, triggering a new wave of investment. Could this be healthcare’s new new thing?
Sovereign wealth funds continued to pour money into private technology companies last year, accelerating a multi-year shift away from public markets as investment opportunities in private startups turned more exciting. These well-heeled investors steered $3.4 billion into 44 direct private technology deals worldwide in 2018, an almost 2.5x increase in capital over 2017, according to […]
Insight Venture Partners, a growth- and early-stage investor, has been working on a restructuring process to move assets out of older funds into a continuation vehicle that will give the GP more time to manage the assets. Insight is one of a handful of top-line venture managers who have turned to the secondary market to […]
Rounds size continues to expand for early- and growth-stage venture investments in the U.S., but angels across the nation demonstrated restraint last year by doling out smaller amounts of capital. Angel activity across the country was strong in 2018, with 334,565 investors involved in deals, according to the Center for Venture Research at the University […]
While the IPOs of Uber, Beyond Meat and Lyft dominate VC chatter in recent weeks, the majority of venture exits are still realized through a sale to a strategic acquirer or a financial sponsor. The terms of those deals are often not disclosed, but SRS Acquiom, a provider of M&A closing services, released a study […]

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