Nicola Wealth unveils evergreen venture capital fund

Canadian wealth manager Nicola Wealth has launched an evergreen venture capital fund to invest in growing technology companies alongside partners.

Canadian wealth manager Nicola Wealth has launched an evergreen venture capital fund to invest in growing technology companies alongside partners. Nicola Venture Capital, which will provide Nicola Wealth clients with exposure to the asset class, plans to target early and late-stage opportunities in education technology, financial technology, health technology and renewable energy technology.


Toronto, ON, Sept. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nicola Wealth identifies Venture Capital (VC) as an attractive asset class to further diversify the firm’s diverse offering of private funds. The Nicola Venture Capital Limited Partnership (the “Fund”) invests, directly or indirectly, in a diversified portfolio of primarily private growth-equity companies participating alongside experienced partners with strong track records and access to opportunities to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns.

“Venture Capital as an asset class has outperformed public equity assets (both large and small-cap) over the last 15 years with significantly less volatility and smaller corrections,” explains Nicola Wealth CFO and Head of Private Capital, Bijal Patel. “While this past outperformance may not continue, it does indicate there are attractive opportunities in this segment of the market and we believe the Fund will complement many of our clients’ investment portfolios for years to come.”

The Nicola Venture Capital Limited Partnership will provide Nicola Wealth clients access to VC investment opportunities, typically reserved for institutional investors while implementing the firm’s evergreen approach. The Fund will invest through cycles, staying prudent in company selection and capital structure (including preferred equity and venture debt) while considering companies’ stage, industry, and vertical. The asset managers will focus on long-term investments in earlier-stage companies with fast-growing revenues, as well as later-stage companies already at scale looking for capital to get to their next phase of growth.

The Fund is intended to expand the investment offerings available to Nicola Wealth clients, presenting them with the opportunity to access an asset class normally reserved for institutional investors. With the addition of the Nicola Venture Capital Limited Partnership, Nicola Wealth hopes to drive both client portfolio performance and the future of growing businesses.

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