How to nominate someone for ‘Rising Stars’

Here's how to submit nominations for the fourth annual "Rising Stars," which recognizes talented and up-and-coming professionals in the venture capital community.

The fourth annual “Rising Stars” will appear in Venture Capital Journal on January 1, 2023. For nominations to be considered, they must be received by Nov. 1, 2022.

Nominations should be emailed to:

Requirements for nominees

    • Should be under the age of 40 as of January 1, 2023.
    • Should work in the venture industry, either at venture firms (GPs), limited partners (LPs) or advisory firms/service providers. (Service providers include banks and credit providers, law firms, placement agents and fund administrators.) They may be part of an investment team or work in investor relations, operations, marketing or portfolio support.
    • Should NOT have previously appeared on a “Rising Stars” list. If a candidate was previously submitted and you wish to nominate them again, you must email a new nomination and follow the steps above.
    • Should have accomplished something notable over the last 12 months. For example, nominees may have:
        • received a promotion;
        • started a mentoring program;
        • played a role in an innovative or significant deal;
        • helped to implement an ESG policy;
        • become a thought leader through blogging;
        • led their fund’s investment activity in a new sector or region;
        • taken identifiable steps to facilitate greater diversity and inclusion in their firm, portfolio companies or the industry more broadly;
        • or founded a firm;

Requirements for submissions

    • The contact details of who is submitting the nomination. Anyone can nominate Rising Stars, whether they are colleagues, industry peers or in PR. And it’s not necessary to send in multiple nominations for each candidate. You may nominate more than one person from the same firm. But because of the growing popularity of Rising Stars, final selection is limited to one per firm.
    • The details of the nominee’s name, age, title, firm and focus area. Also include a link to the nominee’s online bio. Or copy and paste the person’s bio in the email.
    • The geographic focus area of nominee and where he or she is based.
    • The category for the nominee (GP, LP or advisory firm/service provider). Note that we will select and publish a list of 40 in total, not per category.
    • A brief description (under 200 words) of what the nominee has achieved over the last 12 months, making the person stand out, such as professional highlights or notable deals he or she has worked on. Please note that any information disclosed in the email nomination is deemed suitable for publication.
    • A high-resolution (300 dpi and 3″x5″) color photo (JPEG format preferred) or a link to download an image of the nominee.

Factors VCJ may consider in the selection process

    • Achievements over the last 12 months in their careers, their firm or in the broader venture community;
    • Evidence of a measurable impact, such as closing a deal, securing an LP commitment or launching diversity initiatives;
    • Evidence of leadership or influence within their own firm or the broader venture field, such as via blogging, speaking duties or working with peers.

If you have questions

Please contact