Nuro Secure Messaging fetches $2.6 mln

New York-based Nuro Secure Messaging, a group messaging and collaboration platform, has raised $2.6 million in funding. The investors included Erez Kreiner, former director of Israeli security in Europe and director of Israel’s National Cyber Security Authority.


(TEL AVIV: June 14, 2016) Nuro Secure Messaging, a cognitive enterprise-grade secure group-messaging and collaboration platform designed for employees and external partners for corporations, government agencies and the military to communicate in a controlled and compliant private messaging environment, announced the close of $2.6 million in funding in its latest round of financing.

“As secure messaging platforms become a priority for businesses, Nuro Secure Messaging is uniquely positioned to lead the marketplace for trusted messaging solutions for private and public sectors around the world,” said J.R. Smith, co-founder, executive chairman and former CEO of AVG Technologies (NYSE: AVG). “This round of financing will give us the necessary resources to grow our product and brand on an international scale.”

Erez Kreiner, former director of Israeli security in Europe and director of Israel’s National Cyber Security Authority, participated in this round that will help Nuro accelerate its go-to market strategy and grow its product offerings to its growing list of international customers in industries as diverse as finance, healthcare, law and advertising.

“With over three billion people using group messaging and collaboration platforms worldwide for both private and business purposes, it’s time to clamp down on the dangers of unsecured messages being shared all over the world,” stated Kreiner. “Nuro has clearly established itself as the industry leader in developing a global solution for secure group collaboration and messaging platforms and I am thrilled to partner with Nuro at this very important and critical time as the company prepares itself to meet the growing demand for its industry leading offerings.”

A recent study by the Nielson group found that of the 97% of employees who use team messaging in the workplace, 75% send important and confidential work-related information, and 21% have admitted to sending work related commercial information to friends outside the workplace. In addition the study found that less than 20% of companies have policies in place to guide and regulate their use of team messaging.
Nuro addresses these challenges institutions face pertaining to group-messaging and collaboration platforms. In particular: the lack of security, privacy, data ownership, transparency, management, compliance and control across all devices. Nuro is the only secure group-messaging platform to draw on IBM Watson’s cognitive language pattern recognition technology to ensure breaches are detected in a timely fashion. Nuro can analyze patterns in messaging and provide the transparency and predictive analytics that organizations need to ensure that their business communications stay in the workplace and that breaches are not only detected, but more importantly, prevented.

In addition, Nuro helps companies secure messages, documents, etc. by creating messaging policies that demonstrate compliance to regulations worldwide (that mandate secure content transfer and is auditable), secure messages with role-based permissions while at the same time providing a friendly user-experience.
“As team-messaging begins to replace traditional email as the main method of communication within organizations, a real cyber danger exists,” stated Smith. “Nuro is well positioned to address and solve these critical issues and this latest round of financing, led by these industry leaders in cybersecurity, clearly indicates that Nuro will quickly capture the sharp demand for enterprise grade cyber secure messaging platforms.”

Nuro Secure Messaging is led by co-founder J.R. Smith, former president and CEO of AVG Technologies (NYSE: AVG). Smith is the co-author of the 2012 book Wide Open Privacy: Strategies for the Digital Life (IT-Harvest Press). He has published a range of white papers, blogs and articles on the future of privacy, children’s online safety, consumer dynamics and strategic innovation and often speaks as a thought leader on the future of privacy, consumer dynamics and disruptive innovation at conferences around the world. that you’ve selected a template, you’ll define the layout of your email and give your content a place to live by adding, rearranging, and deleting content blocks.

About Nuro Secure Messaging
Nuro Secure Messaging is a cognitive enterprise-grade secure messaging and collaboration platform that enables organizations to create private mobile messaging networks for employees and external trusted partners to communicate in a safe, private, secure, controlled and compliant environment. Nuro ensures that business conversations and documents stay in the workplace via multiple layers of cutting edge security, including cognitive machine learning-based predictive analytics, designed to detect compliance breaches before they occur. Nuro helps its customers operate efficiently with on-premises and cloud-based solutions that provides optimal security, integrity and compliance. Nuro is also a part of the IBM Alpha Zone and one of a handful of companies chosen to work with IBM’s Watson team. For more information visit