One more chance to get into a16z’s eighth fund

Andreessen Horowitz disclosed in a regulatory filing that it is raising an add-on vehicle to go with its eighth VC fund.

Marc Andreessen

If you missed out on Andreessen Horowitz’s most recent venture fund, it appears you may have a chance to slip into a supplemental vehicle.

The firm is raising an undisclosed amount for an add-on fund for Andreessen Horowitz Fund VIII, which closed on $2.5 billion from 248 investors on January 21, according to an SEC filing.

The new fund, called Andreessen Horowitz Fund VIII-B, does not list a target amount or date of first sale. Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz are named as the managing members of the general partner.

This wouldn’t be the first time a16z has raised an add-on fund. After it closed on $1.25 billion for its seventh VC fund in December 2020, it raised another $31.53 million about two months later for Andreessen Horowitz Fund VII-B, according to a filing.

Horwitz said in a blog post in January that a16z had “just raised a fresh $9B to invest via our Venture, Growth, and Bio Funds. We are grateful to our Limited Partners who have believed in us and stuck with us over the past 12 years and hope to earn their trust once again. We thank our many wonderful entrepreneurs who made this set of funds possible.”

The firm did not respond to a request for comment via LinkedIn as of press time.