Onset Ventures to Mail its Latest Holiday Card Today

It’s that time of the year again. Onset Ventures, the Menlo Park, Calif.-based VC firm, is set to mail out today its 16th annual holiday card.

The handcrafted cards from the firm are known for their spoofing, and this year’s version is no different, as it pokes fun at Farmville and social gaming. Past Xmas cards have taken on Facebook, iPhone and Bernie Madoff.

“Social gaming seemed like an obvious theme, considering its rise this year,” said Shomit Ghose, a partner at Onset Ventures, and the card’s designer.

Ghose, who jokingly says he’s not quite ready to do a card for Arbor Day, says that friends and associates of the firm look forward to getting the card each year.

And I can see why. My family continues to receive lots of mailed cards at home, but the majority of cards that come to my office are coming as ecards, which unfortunately don’t get prominently displayed on my desk.

“I’ve noticed that, too,” Ghose says. “But folks prefer the physical card.”

That apparently includes other VC firms. While Ghose is not surprised to see the card displayed at the firm’s portfolio companies, he says he gets a kick out of going to another VC firm and seeing the Onset card front-and-center on the receptionist’s desk.

All of Onset’s holiday cards dating back to 1995, including this year’s, can be found on the firm’s website.