Pao said, Kleiner Perkins said: A slideshow

We’ve now heard from both sides in Ellen Pao’s gender discrimination suit against Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, where she continues to be employed as a junior partner. Kleiner filed its “answer” to the complaint yesterday.

Pao filed suit against the firm on May 10, alleging that she suffered from sexual harassment and that she was discriminated against by the firm, which denied her the pay, carried interest and a promotion to which she was entitled.

In its answer to Pao’s complaint, Kleiner states that it “generally denies each and every material allegation of the Complaint and further denies that Plaintiff [Pao] has been damaged in the manner alleged, or in manner or amount. KPCB vigorously denies that it discriminated against Plaintiff, retaliated against Plaintiff after she complained about harassment or discrimination, or that it violated its obligation to take reasonable steps to prevent discrimination from occurring.”

For those who don’t have the time to read Pao’s complaint and Kleiner’s answer side by side, we have put together the following slideshow of some of Pao’s more notable accusations and the firm’s responses.

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PDF version

If you’re having trouble viewing the slideshow, check out a PDF here: Slideshow Pao vs Kleiner

Photo courtesy of ShutterStock