peHUB First Read

* Xobni study finds that there are no days off in the internet world.

* BHP investors set $155 as top price for Potash.

* Samsung unveils iPad rival.

* Harry McCracken on the Galaxy tablet.

* SEC is probing “quote stuffing.

* Barclays vice chairman of its wealth management unit warns about the demands of high net worth individuals.

* William Gibson, SciFi author, writes NY Times op-ed about Google.

* Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co, which operates the struggling A&P supermarket chain, is mulling the sale of its Food Emporium stores.

* Ryan Faas on Apple TV, Ping and iTunes. What does it mean?

* GM plans to start the roadshow for its IPO after the Nov. 2 midterm elections.

* Unsafe myths about hurricanes, lightning and tornadoes.

(CORRECTION: The name Harry McCracken was misspelled as Henry McCracken in the original version of this story).