peHUB First Read

Searching for a CEO: HP made overtures to two senior execs at IBM in its search for a new CEO.

Pension Fund Scandal: With Hevesi plea deal, the attention turns to Rattner and Hank Morris.

Payback: AIG and government agree on plan to payback taxpayers.

Goldman Ad Campaign: Investment bank tries to win America over with newspaper ads.

FT Alphaville: Yes, the Yen is up or the dollar is down.

Not Delayed: Nokia ships new N8 Smartphone.

Who’s Hiring: PE firms to hire compliance officers.

Who’s Leaving: Major meltdown at Yahoo as top execs depart, including U.S. head Hillary Schneider.

Pulled IPO: Liberty Mutual Holding Co. delayed its IPO, which was expected to be the biggest new issue this year.

Yikes: Midlife crisis now hits in the 30s.

The Other Social Network: Why did Columbia’s Campus Network lose out to Harvard’s Facebook?

Felix Salmon: Dodgy credit card of the day.

Joshua Brown: When is a black swan simply a black duck?