peHUB First Read

No Deal: Sinochem abandons Potash bid.

Down Time: Yahoo, which is the subject of buyout rumors, suffered an outage yesterday. Still interested AOL?

A Takeover Price: What price AOL and PE need to offer for Yahoo.

What’s the deal: The mystery of the SEC’s tabled vote on Rattner’s settlement yesterday. Also, Rattner finds a pal in the Mayor.

Settlement: Man gets $650,000 after stripper kicks him in the eye with her high heels.

Results: GE third quarter earnings fall 18%.

No Money: WikiLeaks’s funding blocked after government blacklisting.

ETF War: Vanguard gains ground on leaders BlackRock and State Street.

Less Selective: Because of the financial crisis, many top MBA schools are easier to get into.

Bank Failures: The worst may be over, from Daniel Gross.