peHUB First Read

UBS Earnings: An investment banking nightmare, from FT Alphaville.

Closer to Buffett’s Successor: Berkshire Hathaway names Todd Combs of Castle Point Capital to manage a significant portion.

In Favor: Soros comes out in favor of legalizing marijuana.

BankUnited IPO: Sheila Blair shouldn’t be embarrassed by the BankUnited offering, according to Breaking Views.

Joining Forces: Several online travel sites are joining together to block Google’s buy of ITA Software.

Rumors: Sony shares rise on talk that Apple may buy the company.

Valuations: Is Zynga worth more than Electronic Arts?

Departed: Paul the Octopus, who  predicted results of World Cup games, has died.

Deals: Price isn’t the most important aspect of a sale, says From Fred Wilson.