peHUB First Read

Helping Out: So much for the war on Google entitlement. Google is now providing servants to its employees.

Scandal: Apple apparently has no plans to release white iPhone 4. And, is Apple planning to cut out the carriers?

Chicken Attacked My Mom: Employers see a rise in bogus sick days.

FB Celebrity Game: Facebook is launching FanSwarm, which lets users predict whether a celebrity’s star power will rise or fall.

PE Swoops Over Nursing Homes: Government report finds that 10 buyout shops have acquired 20% of for-profit eldercare facilities.

War Chests: U.S. companies–including Cisco, MSFT and Google–are hoarding $1 trillion in cash due to recession fears.

Prepping for a Fight: Fortune Brands hires Credit Suisse as it preps for a fight will hedge fund manager William Ackman.

Schools of Fish: Has the flash crash pushed more investors to ETFs?

Life Without Wasserstein: Lazard has surged since Bruce’s unexpected death.

Making Movies: George Clooney has lined up financing, including funds from a PE firm, for his next film, “The Ides of March.”