peHUB First Read

Election Results: Whitman and Fiorna go down in flames. And, Obamanomics to blame for Democratic midterm collapse.

Lawsuit: Jason Calacanis threatens to sue to get part of the proceeds of TechCrunch’s sale to AOL.

Video: Sesame Street parodies Apple with its “There’s An Ap For That” song.

Incredible: GM walks away from U.S. government financed restructuring with tax break worth $45 billion.

Work Strategies: Why promotion breeds incompetence.

Executive Moves: Adknowledge grabs senior Yahoo exec.

Another Sale: Citi may sell $570 million of stake with CVC.

Moving On: Facebook alumni scatter to start their own busineeses.

Early Signs: Money problems are the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Good Results: PE returns triple in emerging markets.

British Government Complains: So YouTube begins removing al Qaeda videos.

Hilarious News Apology: News site incorrectly states that Star Trek Starship USS Enterprise E was successor to Captain Kirk’s original USS Enterprise.