peHUB First Read

Contest: Apple is now accepting Mac Ap store submissions from developers.

OMG: Video of Mark Zuckerberg giving a candid, open interview.

Is Smaller Better: Why Andreessen Horowitz raised $650,000, from Ben Horowitz.

Incognito: Cubs Todd Ricketts cleans toilets on “Undercover Boss.”

Games: Zynga to launch its first Android social game.

Stopping Hackers: PayPal races to fix iPhone app security flaw.

Increases: Lots of people still losing jobs but Wall Street bonuses are expected to go up by 5%. Meanwhile, Wall Street traders are expected to suffer their biggest pay cuts.

Just As Good: PE-backed companies that defaulted after the credit crisis weathered the storm as well as those lacking PE backing.

Who’s bigger: BNP Paribas is not the largest bank in the world, from Felix Salmon.

Potash Bid Blocked: Canada blocks Kloppers’s $40 billion bid for Potash. Plus, the real loser in the Potash compost heap, according to FT Alphaville.

Fixing Up: McDonalds makes improvements to many of its stores while Starbucks chooses not to.

Dividends: Short memories finance PE payouts.