peHUB First Read

Barbarians In Love: Global PE firms are seduced by the China dream.

Sought After: Groupon explains why Yahoo! and Google want to buy it so badly.

More Reveals: WikiLeaks to release more classified material that it claims are “seven times the size of the Iraq War Logs.”

Retail Prep: Gizmodo provides the ultimate Black Friday 2010 cheat sheet. And, a list of Apple and 3rd party discounts on Apple and Mac products.

Bailout: Ireland races to secure a weekend aid package. Meanwhile, bonds for Allied Irish and Bank of Ireland fall amid bailout concern.

Sold: KKR leads investor group to acquire Del Monte for $4 billion.

Because it’s Funny: It may be late but here’s the White Castle turkey stuffing recipe.

Release: Burlesque, this decade’s heir to Glitter, scores a 32% on