peHUB First Read

Pennies From Heaven: Angel investors go where VCs fear to tread.

Sale Possible: Newscorp COO says they would listen to offers for MySpace.

Exclusive: Peter Currie is joining the Twitter board, says Kara Swisher.

Going Shopping: Despite the Google rumors, Groupon buys three discount sites.

Who’s Guilty: If Wikileaks broke the Espionage Act so did the New York Times, from Gawker.

Book Deal: Google Editions, the long-awaited e-book retailing venture that is supposed to shake up the way digital books are sold, is in the final stages.

Staying Objective: Entrepreneurs shouldn’t drink their own kool-aid but see and deal with reality, says Anthony Lee.

Big Announcement: Today, the Fed will release documents showing which banks would’ve failed without a bailout.

Stake for Sale: NYT is in talks to sell a stake in the Boston Red Sox to potential buyers.

Hundreds of Millions: The cost of the insider-trading scandal, from Felix Salmon.

Postponed: Google social project, dubbed Google me, which will compete with Facebook is delayed until the Spring.

A Star is Born: Flash mob in a Canadian food court breaks into a performance of Handel’s “Messiah.” This is way better than Glee.