peHUB First Read

Big Freeze: Beware the urban avalanches in Edinburgh.

Apollo Speaks: How to avoid turning your startup into a dysfunctional family.

Giving Pledge: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and AOL co-founder Steve Case join other tycoons who have pledged to give away most of their fortunes.

$65 Mln Isn’t Enough: The Winklevoss twins file another lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg.

Wikileaks Retaliation: Facebook and Twitter suspend Operation: Payback accounts. And, why the whistle blowing site will never be closed or blocked.

Not So Great: Warren Buffett’s worst investments in 2011.

Bank Levy Nears $4 Bln: U.K. banks to pay hundreds of millions of pounds each year to the U.K. government as charge for their risk to the economy.

Sued Next: Madoff trustee is now suing Citibank, Merrill Lynch and five other banks as well as the Mets’ owners.

Beyond Discrimination: Women leave management roles faster than men but no one really knows why.