peHUB First Read

Compromised: Gawker is hacked. Mediaite finds out why the site was attacked and the method used by “Gnosis.”

No End: Japan bonds signals eight more years of deflation.

Ponzi Scheming: Mark Madoff’s suicide won’t stop all the lawsuits.

News Flash: Carlyle CFO quits and this could further delay their IPO.

Present and Future: What looks great today may suck tomorrow, from Fred Wilson.

Chapter 11: A&P files for bankruptcy protection and the move could transfer control to Ron Burkle.

No Bonus: More than 70% Americans think firms that took a bailout should ban big bonuses.

Warning: Clicking ads for Acai Berry may trigger a new attack on Twitter. Please change your Twitter passwords.

How Much $$ Makes You Rich: It all depends on where you live. And in New York, you need to be a millionaire.

Not Playing Fair: Rivals whine that Google promotes its own content over that of its competition.

Poked with A Stick: Student protesters made “contact” with Prince Charles’ wife.