peHUB First Read

Where to Get a Tech Job: Seattle is strongest while New York is the biggest market, according to FINS.

Scoops: How Bloomberg gets earning releases before everyone else.

Tax Cut Deal Goes to Obama: Now, 51 million will take home less.

This Morning: U.S. stock futures ease on a multi-notch downgrade of Ireland’s debt.

LeBron Aftermath: Why we should all hate Miami (just a little spoiled, no?).

Deal: PE firms in talks to buy Blackwater, the private security firm.

Thawing Debt Markets: Blackstone restructures about $7 bln in debt tied to its mammoth $39 billion buy of Sam Zell’s Equities Office Properties Trust from 2007.

More Yahoo Rumors: Leak reveals plans to drop Buzz, Delicious.

Where to Go: The boom of Chinese B-schools.

Quiz: Big Picture poses 10 Questions for GOP about the financial crisis. If you can’t answer, how can you explain the credit crisis.

Best In Video: SiliconCowboy’s top 5 viral videos, including “The Trevor Project–It Get’s Better” (but do check out Damien Walter’s incred freerunning).