peHUB First Read

WikiLeaks: Apple removes app for whistleblowing site from its store.

Going Shopping: Rebuffed by Groupon, Google is now talking to Groupon’s much smaller rivals.

Downgrade: Moody’s warns it may cut Portugal’s rating.

Making Lemonade: What’s BP to do with all the plastic boom it used to sop up the spilled oil? Stick it under the hood of new Chevy Volts.

Looking for Change: Five things to consider before joining a startup.

Don’t Believe the Whining: It was a very good year for Wall Street, according to David Weidner.

An Open Letter to CEOs: John Abell wants to know why CEOs are so Twitter averse.

Closing: Blackstone’s long-awaited fund may finally close at $15 billion. Wasn’t it recently $13.5 billion?

Sale: Cerberus to offload Chrysler Financial to TD Bank for $6.3 billion.

Probe: SEC is looking at Murk Hurd’s exit from HP, including whether he shared inside info.

The Long-Expected Hulu IPO: Is off. Hulu is now looking at other financing options.

Back in Time: A recently unearthed Christmas classic from 1982. Here’s the Tron Holiday Special.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Go Bears!