peHUB First Read

Quake Aftermath: Radiation levels surge at reactor. Workers at Blackstone, BMW and BNP flee Japan while global stocks and Nikkei 225 rebound.

Global Fears: World Health Organization says no significant spread of radiation worldwide.

Felix Salmon: Why you shouldn’t donate money to Japan.

Odds: Quake risks at U.S. nuclear plants.

That Morning Coffee: Peet’s and Starbucks held recent deal talks.

Fake FB IPO’s: FINRA warns that crooks are cashing in on Facebook pre-IPO investments.

Changes: Moody’s cuts Portugal’s debt rating by two notches.

Taking on HBO: Netflix bids for rights to original series, House of Cards.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Lady Gaga to perform at Wall Street’s biggest fundraiser, the Robin Hood gala.

IPOs: That $500 million Apollo offering is now delayed. But Zillow  has hired Citi for its IPO.

Groundbreaking Study finds that happier people tweet together.