peHUB First Read

Big Non-News: Katie Couric will be trying to fill the Oprah vacuum. She’s got a deal with ABC for a syndicated afternoon talk show.

iCloud: Steve Jobs wants to kill PC hard drives. Users can move their “digital life” to the cloud.

Silence Isn’t Golden: Goldman should take more credit for its failures.

For Charity: Bidding for lunch with Warren Buffett has hit $2 million.

They Got Nada: SEC can’t find anything to sue former Lehman execs so the regulator may issue a very angry letter of disappointment, according to DealBreaker.

Dumbest DM Ever: Rep. Weiner admits that the photo was of him. But he’s not resigning.

Tilting at Windmills: News Corp. didn’t get high enough bids for MySpace so now they’re looking for a “partner.”

Not New: Neil Young releases 26-year old music video for “Amber Jean.”

Is there a social media bubble? The Deal talks to execs from Accel Partners, Foundry Group and others.