peHUB Second Opinion 08.26

Hail Mary? Blackrock, which owns iShares, wants to get into indexing.

Up for Sale: Softbank is selling most of its Yahoo stake.

Run! New York Mayor orders people to evacuate Zone A and the Rockaways.  How will cell phone networks weather (pun intended) Hurricane Irene.

After Steve: The 25 best magazine covers featuring Steve Jobs. And Jobs career compressed into a 2 minute cartoon.

Letting Go: Max Levchin to leave Google as Slide is dissolved.

We Can’t Wait: Fox News is attacking Gawker for some reason that will come next week.

Good Advice: Why Saleforce’s CEO gave Apple the “App Store” trademark.

Gotcha: How we found the file that was used to hack RSA.

Because it’s Friday: Video of Jedi kittens!!