peHUB Second Opinion 08.29

Sean Oggle: The Road Less Traveled comes with its own set of problems.

Apple Rumors: iPhone 5 supposedly will have a panel size less than 4 inches.

After Irene: Wall Street goes back to work while New York commuters hunt for wifi access. Irene-related damage estimated at $2.6 bln.

Stocks: Dow closes up 2.3% on relief hurricane Irene wasn’t worse.

No comment: How Sprint is fending off iPhone rumors.

Venus Love: The top 10 female entrepreneurs.

First Close: A Bob Geldof fund that will invest in Africa nears a $200 mln first close.u

The New Normal: Are hurricanes, earthquakes and natural disasters becoming part of everyday conversations?

Bust Up: AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile invest $100 million in a Google wallet competitor.

Once in a Lifetime: Felix Salmon actually defends Dealbook.

El Oucho! Twitter feed, @ElBloombito, caricatures NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s efforts to speak spanish (it’s really funny).

Video: MSFT has put out a spoof video making fun of VMware.